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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kristen Goes Dark

Kristen Stewart is finally showing off her full Joan Jett hairdo for The Runaways! After a few days of hiding it underneath hoodies or in ponytails, Kristen Stewart debuted her dramatic new look as she arrived at the studio today. Across the country, Robert was keeping his familiar hair hidden too with his cute hats. Kristen looked every bit the rock star right down to her t-shirt which she knotted up in her new trademark style. So what do you think of Kristen's new look - into it or missing Bella's Twilight locks already?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lauren's Bite 100th Post Week!

First off....congrats girlie!!

Check out Lauren's Bite (click on pic) for details on how to enter for the necklace giveaway.

You're welcome ;D

Monday, June 1, 2009

Elizabeth Reaser

I loved her in Grey's Anatomy.

I love her way more in Twilight.

She, in my opinion, is the perfect Esme. She has that warm, friendly, loving, playfulness about her.

Elizabeth, Ashley & Kellan talk about their nominations, how this year's experience differs from last year's

Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Movie Awards Interviews

I have to admit that the Twilight Saga is the best thing that has happened to me. The feeling I got when I first saw Twilight....I will never forget. I felt empowered, like I have a shot of getting something that good. I feel like Bella 100% when reading the books/watching the movies. Edward is mine and I couldn't be happier. Now I know that's not real life....but it's a nice dream.
I have a best friend that told me when she reads the books she acts like she's single and that she's Bella with Edward. I thought that was awesome!
I was excited for the MTV Movie Awards.
I don't, won't and will not apologize for expressing my love for the Twilight saga on this blog. I don't think most of you mind as we share the same OCD. ;)
Here are a few interviews and as I'm sure you didn't miss the New Moon trailer under the header picture. (It's stayin there for awhile)


Friday, May 29, 2009

Filming Sneek from Radar

Check THIS out from Radar.
It is a bit shaky but I'll take it.

Sneak Peekin

I am sure most of you have seen this.
Watch it
November 20th......where are you

Go HERE to see.

You're Welcome

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Yellow Porsche

For those of you with the time you know Alice "borrows" the yellow Porsche. Here are a few shots from Twilight Italia.

Twilighters Italia has exciting news! They found Alice's Yellow Porsche! Alessandra writes:
Today our forum mods were in Montepulciano and look what they've found: Alice's Yellow Porsche! At the beginning our loved racing car was covered by a grey robe, but our indefatigable facilitator/ moderator, suspicious of the dimensions and by the chromed wheels, have began questioning people around. Mauro Pellegrini the owner of the tow truck, had orders by the production not to uncover the car, but after explaining him who they were to his boss, our heroines have even been invited to remain till the end of the shooting!!The big man you can see in some pictures is one of the stuntmen. He had an Alice wig, a bandana, a couple of elbow high red gloves, and seemingly from far he actually looked like our loved little vampire/pixie Mauro secretly told us that there are two yellow Porsche in Montepulciano, placed in different places of the town. As they were not exactly identical, one had yellow brake pad cover and another had them red, Production was willing to spend to the incredible amount of €5800 PER PIECE to have them all red!!! Luckily they found out a way to paint them, but this episode says a lot on how high is this movie's budget!!! The helicopter we told you about ealier, has kept low-flying whole day long filming aerial of the main square.. The fountain is not finished yet, so probably this was a rehearsal or shooting for the DVD's extra-contents . It also flown over where the Porsche was, so probably we'll see some Twilighters on the big screen : our Marghe's car has been filmed by Alice's car!! We are honoured!! Check out a video over at Twilighters Italia as well. Cool beans.