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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stop Staring!

Here is Miss Ashley modeling for Stop Staring.

I think her and these outfits are way cute!

Rob Growin Up

These are the cutest pics. Enough said.

Rob Leaving Set Last Night

Rob had been @ Bella's House all night. Drove in at around 5:30 pm. Filming breakup scene. Just before 5am, the SUV that transports him pulled out.. slowed down and Rob rolled down his window. First thing he said is "What are you all doing here" "Don't you have school tomorrow"?
He was on his iPhone when he first drove up, smiling as he saw fans waiting for him. There was only about 10 girls by the entrance to the set.
Then one fan asked him to sign her copy of NM, Rob said "yeah".. and as he was doing that he stopped and said "oh, I am signing over somebody's name" (Stephenie Meyer's) But then he finished.
He then said thanks to fans for being out there, he was very giggly and shy as usual. As he left I said good luck. He said Thank you!

**sighs** Wish I lived a bit closer. I'd totally take vacation to run into the cast. Lucky girls.

Rob Goes Unnoticed in Blockbuster...

Robert Pattinson celebrated the release of Twilight on DVD by visiting his local Blockbuster.
The British actor — who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the smash hit movie franchise — says he managed to go unnoticed in the video store, even though it was packed with Twilight fans.
“I had forgotten it was being released that day,” said the 22-year-old. “There were two families who had come with eight-or-nine-year old-daughters to get their DVD. “They were standing in the line crying, and I stood watching what all this commotion was about. “They didn’t now I was there or anything, and I was just thinking, ‘Wow, you’re crying about a DVD.’ It’s fascinating.”

I would not have missed him. I'm always looking to see who's around me. I wouldn't even scream if I saw him...maybe casually ask for his number ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anyone Notice?

I just got done watching Twilight. In the hospital scene after killing James there is a TV on behind Rene. Did anyone notice what was showing?

Yep that's right. They were playing th movie

I Can't Imagine and Glad I Don't Have To

For many Twilight fans, it's hard to imagine life without Robert Pattinson after his brooding performance in the 2008 film.

But Pattinson, 22, who stars in the independent film How To Be, almost decided to change his career focus, the film's director tells PEOPLE.

"He was thinking about giving up acting and maybe doing music solely when this role [in How To Be] came along," the film's director, Oliver Irving, tells PEOPLE. "He wanted to play the roles he wasn't getting."

Irving says that for Pattinson, being cast as the lead of role of an awkward, quirky young musician who hires a self-help guru to come live with him "got him back into the swing of things again." Irving adds that after the Harry Potter films, in which Pattinson played Cedric Diggory, "He was looking for something more challenging."

Among the challenges for Pattinson in How To Be, which filmed prior to Twilight, were playing the guitar, harmonica, and, for the director, muting his good looks.

"I said, 'You're banned from cutting your hair between now and the shoot,'" says Irving. "We had to give him the most awkward haircut we possibly could, and we cut his trouser length a little bit too high. Things like that played down his apparent good looks."

Honing his musical skills, however, came naturally to the actor. "He downplayed how good he was," says Irving. While playing the guitar and harmonica, Irving says, "A lot of the time he would turn out to have a really good technique and we told him he needed to play it more simply."

Irving says he isn't surprised that Pattinson's star has risen since the film, which is available on demand on IFC Festival Direct on April 29. "He has a playfulness and naivety that he was able to inject into the character. He's very down to earth and unpretentious. I think that's probably what makes him appealing."

In the News

I find it funny how the media makes up stories. Actors are people too. You didn't know that? Well here's your memo that that are. :) They are just like you and me. I don't know if I'd like people screaming, crying over me. Making up stories about my personal life..haha that would be fun to play with.
These pictures are some of the good ones this week.
Cam is such a cute daddy!
****UPDATE Cam's little girls' name is Everleigh Ray Gigandet****
Did you know that according the the media if you are flirty with a boy, link arms and are snugly with him you are considered a couple!?!?! OMG!
If that's the case...I've have many
They're young..let them have fun!
This is just sweet!
Ms Rebel Stewart.
I .<3. align="center">Reports are that the studio wants her and bf Michael to stay clear from any photo ops. They want the image of Kristen and Rob hookin up. Rob leaves town, Michael visits, caught in act of showing their relationship is still on with no probs.
Did you know Rob and Brooke Shields are something?!!?! I about passed out when I saw this. I just couldn't believe it. Every girl he talks to, is in the same picture with, or even looks at...instant couple.
Poor guy. LET HIM BREATHE!!! He's just a busy working bee.
I honestly think if there are relationships going on...we aren't going to know about them like this. So media...keep the entertainment up. You really make me laugh at the pathetic attempts.

Reading Update

I finished Eclipse Monday night.
I seriously read so fast due to getting excited that I have to back track to make sure I don't skip and important part. I have to admit that I'm like Bella. I love Edward but I love Jacob too.
I got a kick out of Jacob and Edward in the tent the night before the "fight". I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of these books.
Right now in Breaking Dawn I just started chapter 3. The boys got back from having their bachelor party and the girls are getting Bella beautified.
What is the first thing you think of when you think of Eclipse? What relates to you?

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have been so into Eclipse these past few weeks. For awile, this past week, I wasn't reading much. I came home from work Thurs and read 10 chapters. I seriously can't think of anything else....haha ok I really can. I do think of doing whatever I'm doing quickly so I can get back to reading.

I told my sister that once I finish Breakin Dawn I'm going to re-read the series. I love how when you read the books you're Bella. It's like your own dream life in these books.

I really need me time. Time to improve myself and not take on the stress and complications from friends. I have a lot that will be happening in the next few months.

Stay tuned. I'll try to post tomorrow. :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Totally Slacking

I'm going to work on stepping this up.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rob on New Moon Set

You are beautiful. Srsly...and you know it.

You really need to stop looking for me on set. I'm in Virginia...haha

Shooting for the Twilight sequel New Moon officially started in Vancouver this week, and Robert Pattinson – back on set as Edward Cullen – doesn't disappoint in this first look from a high school parking lot scene.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

Ok, this morning I signed onto my Google Reader and I'm subscribed to a few Twilight related sites.
So far I've read Nikki Reed is pregnant with Rob's baby, Rob decided to do his own stunts when his stunt double didn't show and broke MANY bones. Ummm ya, not really buying any of this. If Nikki is pregnant, adios to the movie. As far as I recall Nikki's character isn't pregnant /: Just had to put in my two cents.