New Moon Trailer.......You're Welcome

Friday, December 19, 2008

He can host my get togethers anytime and everytime...haha

Robert Pattinson, partnering with Katy Perry to throw their friend Shannon Woodward a birthday bash at West Hollywood's Il Sole. The hunky Twilight star and the pop singer are mutual friends of the actress, who starred in one of Perry's music videos. Enjoying drinks and a long three-course meal of the burrata salad, lasagna, asparagus gnocchi and tiramisu, Perry and Pattinson played perfect hosts, only leaving the soiree to take pictures with fans outside the Italian restaurant.


Ana Cristina said...

I can relate to your blog title more than you know... :p
And man, I love that brown jacket of his. I think he looks fierce in it!

Kimberly said...

Lol. Good thing I'm not married or have a boyfriend yet....I don't have to worry about "strings" He looks fierce in everything he wears. ;)

Ana Cristina said...

He does look fierce ins pretty much everything, except for the flannel. That and the scruff he sometimes grows on his chin. Not so fierce. I like him better clean cut.

And enjoy having Edward-time being single, because my boyfriend won't stop making me fun of me. I tell him he's just jealous of a fictional character.