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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

InStyle Photo Shoot

The cool-kid cast of the much anticipated vampire movie took a bite out of traditional black-and-white fashion

Kristen Stewart
"I feel like a Greek god in this," Stewart said of the Temperley London gown. "Like Zeus’s wife! The bird is so cool—we had a connection."
Robert Pattinson
"I don’t want to look trendy, so I try to find clothes where somebody wouldn’t be able to say, 'Oh, you’re a cool guy,’" says Pattinson. The actor also admits, "I do like the 'expensive but disheveled' thing if I am going out."

The Cast
"We filmed the movie in Portland and everyone was in boots and jogging pants," says Rachelle Lefevre (far right). "We were like a rag-tag, scrungy bunch, so it is kind of funny to see everyone glam."

Kellan Lutz
"In the movie, I wear a lot of layers, like a big jacket to look more burly and bear-like," says Lutz. "I love wearing old-fashioned stuff, like top hats and bow ties and striped suits."

Nikki Reed
"I feel comfortable in this because it's loose-fitting, and I get to sit down in a chair!" said Reed. She added, "They put me in 12-inch stilettos [in the movie] because I am supposed to be taller than my sister... It was the running joke that we might not be able to shoot because I might not be able to walk. I was like, 'Can you just have us sitting and put me on a pillow?'"

Rachelle Lefevre
"I feel like there is something about having wild hair that makes people assume that I might be fierce and cool," says Lefevre of her mane. "So I can just let that do all the work and be my regular intimidated self!"

Kellan Lutz and Robert Pattinson

"These are my own sunglasses, but they kind of go with it. It’s not really that different from something I would normally wear," says Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
"I love women’s clothes fashioned after men’s clothes," said Stewart of her Helmut Lang tuxedo jacket and Zac Posen shirt. "You definitely feel more feminine because you look better in the clothes than the guys do!"

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